Sally is experienced at designing and delivering bespoke training, where she genuinely shares with you what she uses in her own clinical practice.  Sessions can be for a variety of uni or multi-disciplinary groups, pre or post qualification.  Events are designed to suit your needs and available time, from day-long workshops to ‘in house’ training lunches.  These engaging and informative sessions, whilst having a foundation in the underpinning theory and evidence base, are primarily experiential in nature – this is about showing not telling you.

sallyTraining designed by Ahead Psychology embodies the principles of ACT; I will share with you my personal and professional experiences, and you are invited to join me in doing the same in the pursuit of peer learning and developing our practice.  You are encouraged to be open to new ideas as the theory, evidence base and clinical skills are creatively presented using graphic representations, digital media and practical demonstrations.  You are encouraged to become aware through bringing personal experiences to experiment in practice exercises – this real (not role)play enables you to notice and become aware of your own reactions in the present moment and to develop understanding and skills from this direct experience.  You are encouraged through group discussion and feedback, and being invited to make choices during sessions, to become active in your commitment to take new learning and skills forward in your clinical practice.

“I’m not scared of sharing difficult experiences and showing emotion.  I’ve learned to let go of trying to control it and what others might think.  It’s so liberating and has really allowed me to experience the magic of what happens when I do”