Finding Peace in a Frantic World 

Finding Peace in a Frantic World is an 8-week course adapted from the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) format, and whilst delivered over the same duration, follows a more accessible shorter session and practice length. Following guidelines developed by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman, daily practices of approximately 10 minutes (at times combined and repeated), are introduced to enable you to become aware of, and give you the ability to choose to step away from, unhelpful cycles and create new adaptive ways of being.  This delivery format is based on the one referenced as being taught in the Houses of Parliament in Mindful Nation UK: Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (2015).

Group sessions are 1.5 hours long and include a new ‘topic’ each week.  A variety of mindfulness practices are introduced with space for discussion regarding experiences arising in each session and home practice.  Weekly ‘informal’ practices are invited to literally help to bring mindfulness (in)to life such as mindful walking, in addition to releasing unhelpful habits and creating new helpful ones through setting fun tasks to experiment with.  Each week you will also be encouraged to simply notice, notice the small things around you, using all your senses to enable you to be more present in the moment.

Taster sessions are regularly run to introduce the concept of Mindfulness and the group format, please get in touch for details of upcoming events and groups.  Taster sessions have a small fee, which is refundable if you choose to engage in either a group or individual sessions.

Groups are run in central venues with up to 10 participants.  This accessible group can also be brought to you and delivered in your workplace, where it has been proven to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and promote organisational effectiveness.


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The course is payable in advance.

The Mindful and Effective Employee

Further groups are currently planned, including an exciting new 3 session group following the work of Professor Frank Bond and Dr. Paul Flaxman.  This evidence-based workplace training program incorporates the principles of both ACT and Mindfulness to improve wellbeing and performance both at work and at home.  Contact Sally to find out more about this and other groups coming soon.