Consultation for Healthcare Providers

Corporate Consultation

Consultation is available regarding organisational development in a range of areas including service design, the implementation of therapeutic approaches and staff wellbeing initiatives.  Sessions are available on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis and are based on a review and analysis of the evidence base and relevant policy recommendations.  Services can also involve developing audit and ongoing monitoring processes to record and analyse outcomes to support continued organsiational evaluation and development.

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Sally has recently beenpart of the team developing PROMPT. This project for Health Education England (HEE) has identified psychological practice skills that are required by all levels and aspects of the mental health workforce to deliver psychologically informed mental health care.

Clinical Consultation

Consultation is also available for health care providers regarding specific cases and challenging issues. Sessions may involve clinicians alone or can be offered jointly with the person involved. These dynamic sessions aim to quickly get to what is important for the person, to understand what is getting in the way of this in terms of internal processes and external experiential avoidance and identify tailored intervention strategies to support the person and their care team to move towards a more positive way of being and the life that they want